Arizona Divorce

Arizona is a pioneer in lessening the cost and pain of divorce. This page summarizes the resources available for surviving divorce in Arizona.

The DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Arizona is Alexander Nirenstein. Click here to read his FAQs about divorce in Arizona.

You can’t explore resources for divorce in Arizona for long without encountering the excellent materials provided by Maricopa County Superior Court. There’s a generous array of information, including a self service center with divorce forms and a wonderful interview-style service for preparing divorce documents called ezCourtForms. Oh, if only other courts were so conscientious about helping people!

Here’s the Arizona Child Support Guidelines Calculator from the Arizona Judicial Branch, and here is something called the Model Parenting Time Plans from the Arizona Supreme Court. I can’t tell you that the Model Parenting Time Plans document is excellent, because I haven’t read it. I can tell you that it’s long (52 pages)!

If you don’t need a lawyer and just want to file a simple divorce, you can order the forms and do it yourself, or you can get DocuPro to do it for you.

Here’s an Arizona Divorce Law Primer from DivorceSource. The Arizona Legislative Information System has all the family law statutes (Title 25) available