Please Bear With Me . . .

Here during late February and early March, 2015, I’m in the process of liberating my main site,, from Microsoft FrontPage, the obsolete platform in which it has been captive for too many years. Read more

Balancing Judgeships in Alabama

As part of her “Access to Justice” initiative, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb is preparing to seek a reallocation of judgeships among Alabama counties. She knows she’s walking into a buzz saw, so she is intentionally tiptoeing in slowly, and she wants lots of company. She wants to make sure the bench (judges) and bar are on record as supporting her initiative before she spends her precious political capital on it. Read more

Voluntary Underemployment Roadmap

We’re going to see more cases like this, where formerly successful entrepreneurs and wage earners claim a significant drop in their income makes it impossible for them to pay the child support the court had previously ordered, and where the recipient argues they really could be earning more. Read more