All About Money

After seeing the site I told you about yesterday, I decided there was no reason I shouldn’t be offering here on a resource for people to get answers for their financial questions about divorce and separation. So here it is, All About Money. As you can tell, it’s already hard at work. I invite you to use it, not only to ask questions but also to provide help to others. You’ll need to register to use it, but registering is free, and nobody will pester you with information.


  1. Wanda says:

    no comment-just need info. i was mentally ill at the time of my divorce-i signed the
    divorce papers to get him off my back. i was declared totally disabled effective 01-96
    we separated in Oct 97, not sure when divorce was finalized, sometime in 98 anyway i
    signed the papers, not asking for anything but the house. do i have any legal right to ask for any suuport
    for any support at this time?

  2. Lee Borden says:

    In all likelihood, no. The boilerplate in most divorce agreements provides that both spouses give up any claim to alimony now and in the future. It never hurts, however, to take your divorce decree and agreement to a lawyer to advise you of your specific rights.

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