Brian Huff Named New Family Court Judge

Gov. Bob Riley has appointed Brian Huff to replace Jefferson County Family Court Judge Sandra Storm. Huff’s appointment is effective immediately, but it’s not clear how quickly he will be able to begin hearing cases. Here’s an article about the appointment from the Birmingham News.

Brian is smart, caring, and savvy, and I am proud of him. I know he will serve effectively in sorting out the cases he hears. The Jefferson County Family Court hears cases involving children and families like paternity, child support, child abuse, and truancy but not those involving divorces.

Brian is current president of the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar Association. I wish him well in a tough job.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the above post is from a disgruntled abuser. Judge Huff is doing an excellent job on teh bench and we need to keep him there. He actually listens what the litigants have to say….what a refreshing change

  2. anonymous says:

    don’t know a thing about brian huff but judges don’t come any more lowdown than sandra storm. she tried to take my kids away years ago but had to back off when we filed a complaint with the judicial inquiry commission. she lived next door to my in-laws and had discussed the case with them at length. my children are grown now and even if she was still on the bench she could no longer hurt me. i will always remember that she said in court that i would have to quit my job and go on welfare in order to make sure that my boys went to school–one was accused of skipping a week of school and in sandra’s book that is worse than being a murderer apparently. it took all the money i could scrape up as a single mother (her neighbor, my ex, wasn’t paying child support) and a really, really good criminal defense attorney, scott boudreaux, to extricate my sons from the family court system. she denied to him that she had said such a thing and he said, why sandra, you know it’s on tape in the court proceedings. that was the end of her lies. jefferson county and birmingham and the entire country are better off without judges like sandra ross storm and her pompous attitude.

  3. anonymous says:

    i forgot to add that the judicial inquiry commission is the entity to which judges answer in alabama. family court apparently operates under the assumption that they can do whatever they want. parents are not even allowed to speak in court and are threatened with jail if they do. they make up their own laws and get away with it. the judicial inquiry commission can reprimand them when they overstep their legal bounds.

  4. anonymous says:

    I met Huff in a court room several years ago. He will lie, cheat or steal if that is what it
    it takes. Nothing to do with disgruntled. He is a snake and I guess he has stepped up to
    the next level so he can continue to be a snake. He will be no better in the Court room
    than he was as a lawyer. He came real close to being reported to the Alabama Bar Assoc.
    I hope he loses and has to go back to chasing ambulances.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is what puzzles me. How can you take an attorney, who has less than 10 years of legal experience (Brian Huff), and appointed him to CIRCUIT JUDGESHIP of Jefferson County over a sitting appointed Judge/Referee (Andra Sparks), who has been presiding over family court cases for 11 years and been practicing law for almost 20 years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Easy…..Huff has almost 10 years in the trenches with the clients. Fighting with them. Crying with them. Celebrating with them. Sparks has almost none. By the way….Huff has been in the legal field for 17 years. And he has now been Circuit Judge for over a year. Much longer than Mr. Sparks.

  7. Just me says:

    Well I havent met Judhe Huff yet. We have had 2 court dates in his courtroom and he has failed to show up for both. Referee Sparks is the one who had been handling the case until a couple of months ago. He is a very down to earth judge and listens to everyone (until you disrespect him or his courtroom by lying). My family saw him outside of the courtroom on day and he remembered us very well. So wel in fact that he asked to meet the child he had been over seeing the court case on for the last 2 years. The reasuring thing is that he asked about the child by name. How amazing is that he remembered us so well he knew the childs name, he even knew our name and the name of the childs younger sibling. If you ask me Judge Andra Sparks is the best and most fair judge that I have ever come across in the family court system (and believe me I’ve been dealing with them for almost 8 years now for child support and child protection for my children and for my grand children.

  8. Lee Borden says:

    I have met and worked with Judge Huff, not since he began serving as a judge but when he was a lawyer in private practice. I always found him to be honest, hard-working, competent, and caring. I would be surprised if his character has changed since he became a judge. When you hear critical comments about any judge, particularly one who deals with child custody matters, remember that nearly every ruling that judge issues makes someone angry and seems patently unreasonable to at least one of the parties. I am grateful for those willing to play such a tender role with families who are hurting.

  9. Not just a FATHER, but I am a DAD says:

    My family has become embroiled in the Jefferson County Social Services for five years now. Brian was my lawyer for years. He NEVER filed a motion in my behalf. He NEVER approached the Judge/Referee Sandra Storm to argue in my defense. He NEVER explained to me WHY we were making an appearance. He NEVER provided me with any “evidence” DHR was using against me – a DIRECT VIOLATION of my civil rights. HOWEVER, He ALWAYS advised me to shut up in HEARINGS. He HAS looked the other way while Tanesha Felton and all the case workers who are under her supervision have CONSTANTLY,CONTINUOUSLY and METHODICALLY ruined my reputation and that of my family. He DID ATTEND a DEPENDENCY HEARING that I was told was CANCELLED, and, as a result, I have lost the custody of my children. I am a decent, hard-working, loving father. MY CHILDREN ARE MY LIFE. Brian, through his ambition to get to the top has arrived at his destination by sacrificing my family. Congratulations on a job well done. Oh, and to Lee Borden, while it is true that Brian APPEARS to be honest and caring – his decisions reveal that he has no intention on hindering the progress of the federally funded MONEY MAKING MACHINE and returning children who have been ILLEGALLY REMOVED FROM THEIR FAMILIES.

  10. A Fair, Impartial, & Concerned Citizen says:

    Judge Andra Sparks is by and large the MOST experienced, caring, and compassionate candidate for this presiding judgeship in Jefferson County’s Family Court. He has continuously been an advocate for the children and families in the area and MANY MANY MANY people know that to be true. He has ALWAYS been fair and impartial in all his dealings and he has FOREVER placed PEOPLE ABOVE POLITICS. He is hands down who we need sitting on the bench and presiding at Family Court. I have nothing negative to say about his opponent because it’s not in my character to talk about others. However, I will say that I have met Judge Sparks’ opponent on numerous occasions and he just isn’t right for this position. I do know that for our county and its communities to prosper and progress positively, Family Court and its effective administration is essential. And since I have seen both men in action and have had experience with both of them, I MUST SAY THAT I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT JUDGE ANDRA D. SPARKS IS WHO WE NEED IF WE WANT BETTER, BRIGHTER, AND SAFER COMMUNITIES.

  11. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is thank GOD IN HEAVEN for Judge Andra Sparks!!! He is the most impartial, fair, compassionate, and “tough love” Judge I have ever come across. I have nothing against Mr. Huff (whom I’ve met numerous times), but Judge Sparks is who Jefferson County needs! We need a man of integrity, values, and principles in that Family Court position, and Judge Sparks is it!! Lord knows we need more like him!

  12. anonymous says:

    My family has been dealing with Judge Huff for a few months now and we have learned that he is a crooked man. The state employees have no say so, just the VOLUNTEERS in his court room. Tell me how you can be a housewife and control the courtroom. Dhr was even upset that his VOLUNTEER over ran the court. It does no good for you to do what they require for you to do because they do what they want to do. The CASA workers run that court room. You will be assured that the court room is a joke and it has been said that if you have a volunteer that overrides DHR and the state then there’s something going on. I expected criticism from a judge but I did also expect to be treated fair. I will be filing a complaint against Judge Huff with the Bar Association and I will go way above his head. He is the furtherest thing from being FOR THE CHILD! JUDGE BRIAN HUFF shouldn’t be aloud to wear that robe.
    Let the tables be turned, and let his kids be wrongfuly moved from his custody and let him be treated as he treats EVERYBODY. Most people on this comment sheet who is for JUDGE BRIAN HUFF are more than likely on his payroll. He was a horrible lawyer and a worse judge.

  13. tired of judges that work for dhr says:

    You think Huff’s bad, look at Summers and Storm. Yes, Storm is retired, but still sits in on DHR cases and she works for them. Can we say “conflict of interest”? Summers has had kids abused AGAIN after sending them home and closing out the case, but I guess everyone makes mistakes, huh? Closing out cases makes you look good because you can say that you are moving these cases along. You won’t see it in the news because of “CONFIDENTIALITY”.

  14. anonymous says:

    I have had to deal with Judge Huff and agree 100% with the above comment….
    He is the furtherest thing from being FOR THE CHILD! JUDGE BRIAN HUFF shouldn’t be aloud to wear that robe.
    Let the tables be turned, and let his kids be wrongfuly moved from his custody and let him be treated as he treats EVERYBODY. Most people on this comment sheet who is for JUDGE BRIAN HUFF are more than likely on his payroll.

    Something needs to be done about how long he can drag out a case, we had a trial eight months ago and he still has not made a decision.
    Its hard to believe he can take as long as he wants.

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