Canada Supreme Court to Hear Child Support Case

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to review a case from Alberta in which the court ordered four men to pay retroactive increases in their child support. Here’s a story about it from the Edmonton Sun, and another from CTV.

The plan in Canada has been to require parents to notify each other of their current income and adjust child support as their incomes change. The court’s order effectively requires child support payers to “top up” their payments upon review, based on what they should have been paying had they adjusted their child support along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Canada Supreme Court to Hear Child Support Case”

  1. I feel that the changes to the support guidelines of 1997 are way too harsh on the payor. And i don not agree that those fathers in Alberta should have to pay more retroactively. The guidelines should be re-vamped with a more realistic expectation for the payors. WHo ever heard of receiving “tax-free money”??? Only the drug dealers get tax free money (and a few other unsavory and unlawful activities) Why should a payor have to pay 10% of his income – plus other expenses (child care, shcooling etc.) and the mother (usually) receives this money tax free? Also access rules have to be changed so that they can be enforced by the police. Too many custodaial parents think that they have the right to keep the other parent away from a child even tho there is an order saying otherwise.

    one other comment…On this website it is difficult to type in this comment area because there is something called “Archives” which lists months –and it hangs down overtop of the comment box so you can’t see that you’re typing on 1/3 of the area.

  2. Dear Lee:
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  3. Has there ever been a case where a child who is 18 years of age or older has completely
    withdrawn from one parent–has said they have disowned them for no good reason, has physically assaulted that parent–has been
    denied to receive support from that parent for secondary education? Anything related
    to this topics would be appreciated. jj

  4. Dear fathers. If you choose not to pay proper child support. That is FRAUD. There is no statute of limitations to FRAUD. That means you were hiding important financial information. Which is your stupid ass fault for not paying what the law says to pay. Anyone who chooses to commit fraud should pay because your child deserves it amd it is the law. Grow up. Putting money first means you do not have your child best interest at heart.

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