Dobson Will Handle Divorce Cases in Talladega County

I just learned today that Judge Tommy Dobson will be handling all divorce cases in Talladega County. Presiding Judge Julian King will be assigning all divorce cases to him in an order that will probably be signed sometime this week.

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3 thoughts on “Dobson Will Handle Divorce Cases in Talladega County”

  1. The people of Alabama should have no doubt that the Judicial Inquiry Commission and the
    Courts of the Judiciary are nothing more than a “Fox guarding the Henhouse”. At least 7
    citizens were unlawfully imprisoned by Dobson and Swinford. I thought unlawful imprisonment
    is a criminal offence in Alabama but obviously I must be wrong, the Code of Alabama just
    applies to us regular folks.

  2. I have been concerned about a divorce I filed for back in November of 2005 I have waited for almost a year. Judge Dobson is supposed to be setting a court day. What is going on with the Divorce cases in Talladega county? Hasnt judge Dobson been reinstated? I know he was disbarred but he reinstated 5 months ago what is going on?

  3. Judge Dobson heard my “alimony” hearing this past June and during the time of the hearing, I was very uncomfortable with his “friendliness” with my ex-husbands lawyer, including the visits before and after the hearing in the Judge’s Chambers. Judge Dobson’s decision was a shock to me and to my family. I suspected something “gray” and now, after reading of the Judge’s “irregularities” I know that my lawyer was not “one of the good ole boys” and was definitely a fish-out-of-water in the Talladega courts.

    I need to appeal this ruling and start over with a honest judge and a lawyer familiar with the Talladega courts.

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