Before You Send Lee E-mail

Please read this before sending me an e-mail. It may save both of us a lot of time. If you need my snail-mail address, you’ll find it on the Contact Lee page.

There are several categories of e-mail messages that I welcome:

That having been said, you should know that I get hundreds of e-mail messages a day, and I’m simply not able to answer all of them. Specifically, many of the e-mail messages I get fall into one of these categories:

You need a lawyer but you can’t or won’t pay for one, so you e-mail me hoping I’ll give you free legal advice. I cannot and will not do that.

You’ve found some information on my site about a subject that interests you and you hope that I have otherinformation that doesn’t appear on the site. Everything I know about the subjects on this site is already on the site. I don’t have any “extra information” that I save for people who ask me for it.

If your message is in one of these latter categories, you’re unlikely to get a response.

With that in mind, click here to send me an e-mail message.

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