Helping Pro Se Family Law Litigants

Solano County, California has a full-time family law facilitator whose job it is to provide information and services to help people who are handling their own family law case. Here’s the article from the Times-Herald. The idea of the program is to allow people to access the court system even if they’re not able to afford to hire a lawyer.

The facilitator, Richard DeBlois, says the facilitator’s office cannot give legal advice but can offer information and guidance. It helps litigants with starting or changing child support, filing a divorce, establishing paternity of a child, understanding court procedures, and dealing with domestic partner issues.

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One thought on “Helping Pro Se Family Law Litigants”

  1. In August of 2005, we went to court for a divorce where I was informed that he had never married me because he was not legally divorced from his first wife. (august 23, 1978) and he was able to walk off and leave me without anyh money or support. I am in a dire situation because I have not worked in 28 years. The state of Tn. rule that my marriage was not a marriage because he was not yet divorced. I knew nothing about his fraud that was perpetrated on me and my 3 children. He has put the company in his girlfriends name but I think that I should be able to get some support from him. He refuses to talk to my three children can anyone help me.

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