Who has dealt with Judge William Bell?

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Judge Bell is a member of the First United Methodist church located down town in Huntsville.  Personally, he will not care for your husband's choice of life style. 

That aside, Judge Bell is first and foremost a very good family law attorney and Judge meaning that he knows the laws of Alabama and all of its nuances backwards and forwards.  He does not allow himself to be distracted by any of the circus aspects of any case that comes before him.  He is a middle of the road guy.  He will absolutely not get lost in the weeds. 

Its important for you to have an attorney that is very skilled with the practice of family law before you come before Judge Bell.  Not all facts and shocking revelations about your husband will have a bearing on the legal direction of your case.  An attorney that is skilled in the practice of family law will help guide you through the relevant legal issues of your case and allow you to focus on what is important to you and to your future given this very heart breaking time in your life.  So, if you haven't found a good attorney, make that your first priority. 

Judge Bell, more than anything, hates anyone found to be lying in his court.  I'm sure by now, you've gone through discovery with your husband and have exchanged interrogatories.  You may have even had some depositions.  Your attorney should know by now whether your husband is going to try to lie about his behavior whether for a legal reason or due to embarrassment.  Your attorney would do well to expose any lies your husband tells in Judge Bell's court because that will weaken his case with Judge Bell.  What strengthens your case is for you to have evidence that backs up everything that you say.  Evidence comes in many forms but it is mostly account statements, pictures, transcripts of conversations, signed statements of affidavits, depositions, interrogatories, and witness testimony.  Sometimes you have access to information.  Other information you have to subpeona.  Your attorney should have told you everything you need.

Ultimately in a marriage of the number of years that you've been married, you are entitled to half of everything including all real property (no matter whose name it is in right now), all automobiles, all cash, all bank accounts, all investment accounts, all retirement accounts, all insurance policies like whole life I believe and anything else that you are aware of that you both own or that you know he owns even any business that he may currently be running solely in his name.  You should come out of this thing with half of everything that you both own and with half of everything that you both are going to draw going into the future.  If your husband is currently retired and drawing a retirement then you get half of that for the rest of your life.   This is what you should be asking for at the very minimum going into this thing.

On top of the above, Judge Bell can award you attorney fees, a greater than 50% share of property, and spousal support.  It sounds like you'll be getting spousal support no matter what if your husband is currently working and you are not.  If your husband comes into that court and gets caught lying, there is a good chance Judge Bell will heap on these other things in your favor depending on how blantant and inflamatory your husband may be in his court.  Your husband's attorney should know this about Judge Bell. 

As other's have said, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about.  Focus on the merits of your case and what the law provides for you and forget about this individual that betrayed your trust all of these years.  At some point you'll see some light at the end of this tunnel that you are in and you'll be able to move on to the new and better person that you can be without these unfortunate turn of events to stress over.  Take care of yourself and make sure to take care of your health. 

Thank you all so much for your replies.  I have been to my doctor and been tested for diseases and all is well there thank goodness.  My attorney is Dinah Rhodes and we have gone over many things.  Mrs. Rhodes has developed a plan for this hearing and I have evidence to back up my husband's unfaithfulness.  After reading these responses here, I feel much better about my chances of being able to maintain a decent standard of living.  I'm not expecting the ritz but I don't want to end up in a shack either.

Dinah Rhodes probably knows Judge Bell better than anyone.  She was in practice with Judge Bell when he was just known as Billy Bell.  You are in good hands my dear. 


You are in good hands my dear.

Oh heavens I certainly hope so.  Our hearing was continued because his attorney didn't come prepared.  My husband then sent me an offer by email and told me he didn't think I was getting good advice and feedback from my attorney.  I showed Mrs. Rhodes the email and she said she couldn't give me feedback about something she'd never seen before.  His attorney never sent mine anything about negotiating yet she's telling my husband that we are being difficult!!!!!   ???

I'm afraid he's going to do something drastic.  At mediation we presented evidence that he had purchased materials to change his identity and I know for a fact he's moved money out of his checking account to some unknown place.  He could just disappear tomorrow or next week or next month.

What a mess.

I know what you mean about a big mess.  Dinah cleans up big messes all the time.  She knows all the tools at a judge's disposal for dealing with potentially uncoperative parties in a case.  I had a mess of my own many years ago.  You learn a lot going through these things.  I had no idea that a circuit court subpeona is limited to a 125 radius from the county where the court resides.  People can hide things and literally get away with it if you aren't careful.  You expect to be able to trust someone that you are married to.  So naturally you give them free rein during the years that you are married only to find out later that they've been putting money away for a rainy day behind your back.  I truly believe that money stolen in that manner never does the thief that took it any good.  Good luck with your case and do the best to come out of it carrying as little attachments, grudges, or other emotional baggage as possible.  You'll have a better attitude and better health if you can. 


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