Irish Divorce Laws and European Union

In what smacks more of local saber-rattling than of concern for marital integrity, the Irish prime minister says the European Union’s standardization won’t be allowed to affect Ireland’s laws on divorce. The minister, called a Taoiseach, said that “Irish divorce law is a matter for Ireland.” Here’s a story about it from Ireland Online.

Ireland has relatively strict divorce laws, requiring, for example, that the couple be separated for at least four of the last five years before filing for divorce. The EU proposal never had anything to do with the substantive divorce laws of any member country. Instead, it focuses on codifying and making more certain the provisions on which nation’s divorce laws apply to a given case.

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2 thoughts on “Irish Divorce Laws and European Union”

  1. laws on divorce in ireland should be ammended. one a marrige is over and one of the parties has moved on and made a new life for them selfs then a divorce should be the next step.. prolonging this isnt going to change things, only line the courts pockets.why is this. why if we have a say in this countrys running or so they say dont we have a say in our lifes.. the church is the leading factor in why in this country so many people are still living in unhappy marriges…all i want is a divorce to live my life and be happy..whats so wrong with that???

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