Marine Corp. Divorce Rate

Could this be true? Here’s an article in Marine Forces Pacific that quotes the Defense Manpower Data Center as saying the divorce rate in the Marine Corps is 20% higher than that of the general population. Why would that be?

Here are some reasons, according to the article:

First, young marines are subject to the “financial illusion” they will be wealthier if they marry, move out of the barracks, and begin receiving Basic Allowance for Housing, separation allowances, and commuted rations. Actually, however, the extra compensation they receive is almost never enough to support a family, so they are caught by surprise when money troubles set in.

Second, young marines are often eager to leave the barracks, so eager they marry a spouse without making sure the match will last.

Third, military life is surprisingly lonely, so young marines often fail to look for the right one and go for the right now instead. Fourth, young marines often are not mature enough to make a life decision like marriage. The article recommends that any marine considering marriage talk to his or her supervisor first, to make sure there’s not something important he or she is overlooking.

Through MCCS One Source, the Marine Corps offers counseling 24-7, including premarital counseling when marines request it.

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  1. My cousin asked for advice. He was in The Marines stationed in The Philippines and married a Filipino lady had a son. When his service was over he try to bring his wife and child with them and they would not allow it so he try to send for them went after you get home. Still No. So after not speaking or seeing her are the trail in 40 years how can he get a free divorce.

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