Other Divorce Sites

Here are the sites I have found that seem most helpful to people who are going through divorce:

General Interest Divorce Sites

  • Family Law Advisor  Probably the only divorce site on the Internet that has more information on it thanDivorceinfo.com. Professionally maintained. Slick.
  • Divorce Support – This is the successor to the Divorce Page, which was created as a labor of love by an egg sales executive, Dean Hughson. Some of the quaint charm from Dean is gone now, but the information is still good.
  • Divorce Help Line – Another unusually helpful lawyer’s home page, this one from California attorney Ed Sherman. As you might expect, the information is heavy on California, and heavy on Ed Sherman. That having been said, it’s a good storehouse of useful information about divorce. My favorites are the worksheets for figuring assets and debts, income and expenses, and child care tasks.
  • Divorce Online – The strength of this page is its articles. There’s a nice reading list by Vicki Lansky, the author ofDivorce Book for Parents. There’s a bulletin board that gets pretty good usage.
  • Divorce Central – Good links, well-supported chat rooms, and a good assortment of resources. There’s a decent listing of FAQ’s about divorce.
  • Divorce Wizards – Good collection of articles and products.

Single Issue Sites

  • Equality in Marriage – As the name implies, this site focuses on encouraging equality between husbands and wives in courtship, marriage, and divorce.
  • Military Divorce Online – Focusing on the unique issues presented when one of you serves (or has served) in the military.