Working to Prevent Divorce in Huntsville

A group of ministers, therapists, and teachers hopes its work will make for fewer divorces in Madison County. Calling itself the Madison County Coalition for Healthy Marriages, the group plans to participate in the statewide Alabama Healthy Marriage Initiative.

Here’s a story about the Huntsville group from the Huntsville Times, but it’s not clear from the story what the group will actually do (other than talking about strengthening marriages).

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One thought on “Working to Prevent Divorce in Huntsville”

  1. For the sake of the children

    I hear this phrase all the time, “For the sake of the children.” But I don’t see those who are supposed to be in charge of making sure that the sake of the children is carried out doing their jobs. I urge people to start paying attention to what is happening within our family court system in Huntsville Alabama, Madison County. Most of the time the courts are open for observation. Go observe and see if you think anything is being done “For the Sake of the Children.”

    Lets see if this makes sense to anyone.

    Mother leaves daughter to live with father, and moves to parts unknown with no notice to the father. The daughter tells her dad three days into Christmas Vacation. “Daddy, mom says I’m going to live with you now and she’s moving to Florida.”

    Meanwhile the state of Alabama is garnishing the father’s check for child support. In addition, he cannot get his daughter into much needed counseling because he does not have residential custody. He does have joint legal and physical custody, but apparently this is not good enough for the counselors in this area. A social worker in Marshall County tried helping with the initial situation but now that the child is in Madison County it’s not her case and no one in Madison County seems to think there is an issue or problem.

    Father tries to get into court to have the judge hear the case but is told that he will not hear it unless the Mother is served and no, it can’t be by publication. Excuse me, but the Father has NO IDEA where the mom is. She’s hiding her whereabouts from family and friends. She’s known to travel around in a camper, from Georgia, to Florida, to Tennessee, to Alabama. She’s not living in just one place.

    The child has contact with the mother via cell phone, so we know the mother is alive and well, but when the child asks for mom’s address, mom hangs up on the child. The mother has not asked to see, or visit the child. The mother will not answer the phone when the father calls and most of the time does not when the child calls. The mother is actively avoiding being served because she knows the gravy train is almost over. It should be known she collects child support and social security for this child.

    The father is not a rich man. He cannot pay child support to this woman, and raise his child giving her all the things she deserves. Nor should he. We don’t expect custodial mothers to raise their children without receiving child support, why should we expect a father to raise his daughter and Pay support to the mother.

    During the divorce proceedings the judge allowed the mother to move to Georgia against a previous court order, and this child has been to three schools a year since fifth grade. She should have been with her dad a long time ago. Now that she is, he still cannot get any assistance from anyone. He’s always followed all court orders, gone above and beyond in all situations, yet it is he and this child who are punished while the mother has followed no court orders and been rewarded each time.

    What in the world is going on in this county? The judge says his hands are tied, it’s the law. If it’s the law it needs to be changed!

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