A Real Life Divorce Party We Can Talk About

I wrote about divorce parties several years ago, and every few months I get a reporter fishing for me to introduce him or her to a real life divorcing couple willing to tell their story for the benefit of the reporter’s station or paper. Now we have one, in California, of course.

Jeff Becerra and Michelle Mahoney had been married for 24 years when they decided the marriage was over. So they quietly worked out the messy details together and remained friends throughout the process. When they finished, they threw a party — together with one of their two daughters — to celebrate. “We’re not celebrating that we got a divorce,” Jeff told ABC News. “We’re celebrating the way we did it.”

Couples like Jeff and Michelle are still at one end of the spectrum. But in my world of cooperative divorce, there are plenty of couples who remain civil with each other, work with each other, and keep their divorce from becoming a financial or emotional wreck. Good for them. Go make me proud, guys.