About Divorceinfo.com

Welcome, friend.

Divorce is just an absolutely awful process. Whether you’re the leaver or the left, whether you have children or not, divorce stinks.

Divorceinfo.com is all about one simple principle: helping people who are going through divorce. I do this by giving you the information you need to stay in control of your divorce. I’ve intentionally placed links on each page to the key information most helpful to people using the site. If you’re new to Divorceinfo.com, you may want to start by clicking on each link just to get an idea what’s available here.

Web sites now make a big deal about their privacy policies and how carefully they guard information they gather from their readers. I don’t gather any information about you. Nothing. Everything you find here is available on a confidential basis. I never make any attempt to capture information about individual people who visit the site. You are welcome to come and go with total confidence that I haven’t the slightest idea who you are, when you were here, or what you read. The only time I would ever contact you in connection with Divorceinfo.com would be after you contact me first.

My only reason for doing this is to provide you quality information in a form you can use. The focus here is on you – the problems, issues, and yes, even the opportunities you face in divorce. That means the focus is on what you need to know, not on anybody’s legal, counseling, or mediation practice.

Now, a confession: I do use Google Ads, and Google Ads does some funky things like keeping track of what pages you watch by installing cookies on your computer and then showing you ads they think will be more useful to you (and profitable for them) based on what other pages you have viewed. That’s pretty much ubiquitous on the web, though, and if it bothers you, consider disabling cookies on your browser or perhaps changing the settings for them. I should tell you that I know what Google is up to, and I have my browser set to accept cookies, because I know cookies generally provide a faster, more convenient experience using the web. It’s a tradeoff. By the way, I have not asked, and Google has not offered, to share with me any information about individual users of my site.

So what’s here? The last time I checked there were about 500 pages of information on Divorceinfo.com, so don’t feel like you need to absorb it all. Just wander around. If you’d like, check out the Site Map for the most comprehensive summary of all that’s available.

The link to this page says “About Us” because that’s what most of us are accustomed to look for when we want to find out who’s behind a web site. But it’s a lie. There’s no “us.” Sadly, it’s just “I,” a crusty idiosyncratic subsistence farmer and lawyer hanging out in rural Alabama. My name is Lee Borden. If you want to, click here to find out more than you ever wanted to know about me, my family, my practice, and what makes me tick. And if you don’t care, that’s okay too. Because I’m not trying to convince you to hire me, I hope you’ll find it easier to get the information you need. Simply. Quickly. Efficiently. That’s why Divorceinfo.com is here.

Who’s in charge here?