Alabama Child Support – No Changes

The Alabama commmittee considering changes to Alabama’s child support guidelines has tabled the changes. This means Alabama’s child support guidelines are likely to remain unchanged for the time being. Here’s a story about it from the Montgomery Advertiser.

The Alabama Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Child Support Guidelines and Enforcement voted yesterday to hold off any action on the guidelines until it gathers more information about the Alabama economy. The Committee reviewed a study from Policy Studies Inc., which had recommended fundamental revisions that in most cases would cause child support to increase.

Several Committee members criticized the study’s use of national data rather than data specific to Alabama. The story said that more than a dozen concerned citizens attended the committee meeting Friday. The only ones it quoted were from the Alabama Family Rights Association, a fathers’ rights group.

The Committee has recommended additional study to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court could accept the recommendation and order further study, reject the recommendation and ask the Committee to do something else, or act on its own to make changes.

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