Alabama – Need for Notary Public Reform?

Alabama’s own Secretary of State says Alabama’s laws are probably the worst in the country when it comes to Notaries Public.

Secretary of State Nancy Worley was attending the convention of the National Notary Association this weekend in Las Vegas, as reported in an article published in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana News Sentinel. She told the reporter she was at the convention to raise the level of notarial practices in her home state.

“Alabama probably has the worst notary laws in the country,” Worley said. “And almost anybody can sign up to become a notary. It’s always dangerous when people have a title and don’t know what to do with it.”

6 thoughts on “Alabama – Need for Notary Public Reform?”

  1. Amen to that. My ex took out a $100,000 equity note in both of our names. I am now responsible for it. My husbands secretary, a notary, forged my name.How clever of him!

  2. I can’t agree more…I hear too many stories where notaries don’t know what they’re doing…a little reform, restrictions, and quality education could go a long way…and that would be for all states…not just Alabama.

  3. Ditto. I too have been subjected to the notary’s who don’t know what they’re doing. How do some of these people get licensed? Beats me! Search around and get somebody who’s referred by somebody you know …that’s the only way. We had a notary forget to have co-signers sign a couple of pages and the co-signers went to Hawaii on vacation as our loan was supposed to close. We find out the day before our loan needs to close that the co-signers needed to sign …again. We had to track them down on the island!!

  4. Wow, Why is there no recall in order? Incompetence, at any level is not acceptable, especially from government. We need to call these individuals out and purge them form leadership and practicing. If we accept it and do nothing, we’ll get what we always got. Credibility issues!

  5. I see this was topic was started on August 2005. California Requires a background check plus Must pass a Notary exam. I WAS positive that that was required in all states but I guess I was wrong. Is this not the case in Alabama? What are the requirements there now for a Notary in 2008

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