And He Should Know . . .

The director of the California County that has improved its child support collection the most says the culture of fatherhood needs to change. Here’s the story about his statement from KGET.

Kern County, California took in more than $67 million in child support payments in 2004. But child support chief John Nilon said that, unless something changes, young men will continue to father children in Kern County (and presumably elsewhere) with no way to support them. Here’s a quote from the story:

“We have 3,000 cases where the fathers are 18 or less, and they owe us $18 million,” said Nilon. “We have got to stop the philosophy of young men today who somehow think it’s a badge of honor to father a child and not be responsible for them.”

Nilon said he is working on a teen pregnancy intervention program aimed directly at high school boys.