Appeal from Juvenile Court

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals has refused to hear an appeal from the Lowndes Juvenile Court because the record wasn’t complete. In M.V.N. v. D.L.C., Case No. 2050097 (Ala. Civ. App. April 21, 2006), the juvenile court certified the record to be complete, but the appellate court disagreed because there was no trial transcript.

“The juvenile court’s certification notwithstanding, this court does not have an adequate record to review. The mother’s appeal should have been brought in the circuit court of Lowndes County. Rule 28(B), Ala. R. Juv. P. Rule 28(D), Ala. R. Juv. P., permits this court to transfer an appeal improperly brought in this court to the circuit court for review. Accordingly, we transfer this appeal to the Lowndes Circuit Court for a trial de novo.”

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