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This is about filing your own divorce in Arizona, including how hard it is to file your own divorce in Arizona, what divorce papers need to be filed, and what the filing fees are for divorce in Arizona.

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How hard is it to file my own divorce?

The old adage “he who represents himself has a fool for a client” is often times true in divorce cases.  Granted if the parties are very amicable and they do not have many assets it is quit possible for them, or one of them to opt not to have a lawyer.  However the more complex the parties’ assets are the more important it is to have a lawyer.  Like everything in life, nothing is as simple as it first seems.  Complexities such as how to divide retirement accounts, stock options, deferred compensation plans, and the always present tax consequences, make what may seem to be a simple divorce complex.

Further if the parties have children, the issues regarding children can complicate a divorce.

Many times a person is very emotional during the divorce process.  Emotions and a desire to just “get-it-over-with” may result in settlement terms that the person may regret only a few months after the court finalized the divorce.

If a person chooses not to have a lawyer, at a minimum they should have a lawyer review any final agreement before it is signed.

What are the papers that need to be filed?

In Arizona a divorce is started by one party filing a legal document known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with (or without) Children.  There are also numerous other documents that must be filed simultaneously with the Petition.  Some of these other documents include the Summons, and various notices to the other party regarding creditors, health insurance, and a parenting class if the parties have children.  There is also a preliminary injunction that is issued by the court that among other things prohibits the parties from unreasonably depleting the parties’ finances while the divorce is proceeding.  The Petition most state certain facts that are required for the court to determine if it has jurisdiction over the parties and to grant the divorce, and make the necessary orders regarding the children, if any.

What’s the filing fee for a divorce?

In Arizona the filing fee is $236.00 to file and start the divorce.  The other party will have to file a response fee when they file a response, if they file a response.

Other issues in Arizona:

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