Can You Really Be Friends After Divorce

Take a look at this topic entitled Can You Really Be Friends After Divorce? and witness the struggle divorced persons feel when they don’t feel the levels of anger against their spouse they read about and hear about in the news.

The (happy) fact is that most people who get divorced don’t spend thousands of dollars on legal fees. They just quietly end their marriage, get through the divorce, and move on with their lives. The culture doesn’t understand this, of course. Adversarial divorce is what the lawyers see. It’s what the judges see. It’s what the reporters see. It’s what the police see. All too often, it’s what the therapists see. So the culture thinks most people who get divorced have a big fight about it.

The culture’s wrong. Most of the divorcing couples I see aren’t busom buddies, and they’re relatively unlikely to be “best friends.” However, by and large, they are able to talk with each other, listen to each other, negotiate with each other, and when it’s needed, help each other.

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