Child Support on Visa Card

Starting in June, child support recipients in Alabama can receive their child support payments in the form of deposits to their Visa card. AmSouth Bank will partner with the state of Alabama (Alabama Central Disbursement Division) to offer the option, which will reduce the state’s cost of printing and mailing checks. Here’s a story about it from Birmingham Business Journal.

Child support recipients will be able to use the card wherever merchants accept Visa cards, and they will be able to make one free cash withdrawal for each payment as long as they use an AmSouth or Allpoint ATM.

This option brings to three the ways child support recipients can receive their money: (1) they can have the money credited to their Visa card; (2) they can receive a direct deposit to their checking account; or (3) they can have a check printed and mailed to them.

One thought on “Child Support on Visa Card”

  1. Seeing how I can no longer afford an attorney after 12 years of bouncing in & out of
    court, I decided to attend pro-se for the first time at yet another hearing in March of this year. I fired my lawyer & that’s the first time I saw results… I was amazed because I have truly lost all faith in our system.

    I think the judge finally got tired of his same BS story…regarding the $30,000 that he owes in back child support. He actually went to jail for the minimum mandatory time…but his bail was set at the ridiculous amount of $2,000 which is pocket change for him. We have a court ordered review coming up soon and I’m arming myself with yet…. more motions to file.

    My questions are

    Does the charge of criminal non-support regard children living out of state or is this something that one could file if they live in another county within the same state?

    What kind of punishments are usually handed down if the judge finally realizes that what we are dealing with is just a father who simply refuses to pay and decides to charge him with criminal non support? Jail time?

    Is this charge considered a felony and what kind of privileges will he lose if found guilty?

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