Connecticut Fathers Want to Change Child Custody

A fathers’ rights group in Connecticut is asking the state legislature to change the way child custody works there. Here’s an article about it in Newsday. The group, called the Shared Parenting Council of Connecticut, wants to change the law to favor shared parenting, or joint custody, and to define “joint custody” as equating with equal physical custody. Here’s a copy of the bill on Shared Parenting’s website.

2 thoughts on “Connecticut Fathers Want to Change Child Custody”

  1. I am going to court to be named the custodial parent for my 16 year old son. Can you recommend a good lawyer to help me with this?

  2. I went through a custody battle over 3 months ago and when it was all said and done, My ex recieved custody of our son. Both her and I are military and she is now stationed in England. I need help to find a Lawyer who is very agressive to help me fight for my son back. She has not complied with several parts of the Custody order from the judge and I need some one who is willing to fight for me and get my son back.

    Thank Kyle

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