Covenant Marriage Movement – New Tactics

Three states – Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana — have passed some form of “covenant marriage,” in which a bride and groom agree when they say “I do” that it will take something beyond the normal civil standard of incompatibility for them to dissolve their marriage.

Response from the brides and grooms to these statutes has been unenthusiastic. Few people have actually opted, even in the three states permitting covenant marriages, to bind themselves to the more rigid standards against divorce. The percentage of couples opting to embrace the new requirements is between 1 and 2 percent.

Now covenant marriage advocates are trying to mobilize the grass roots, reaching out to evangelical Christians, one church at a time. Here’s an article about this kind of effort in Colorado from the Denver Post.

The groups plan a “Covenant Marriage Sunday” this weekend, in which a projected 5,000 churches in Colorado will participate. The centerpiece of the event is a ceremony in which couples sign “covenant commitment” cards.