Diary of a Divorce

Bill Maher makes fun of the apparent joy Americans receive from disclosing every sordid detail of their lives, “from Me to shining Me.” It now appears Americans are not alone. Comes now the Diary of a Divorce, in which Penny Brooke, a yourg British woman, discloses the painful details of her divorce, five years after it started. You can read it all this week in the London Daily Telegraph.

I assume her now ex-husband consented to this public airing of his every foible and misstatement. Their four (count ’em, four) children cannot consent, however, at least not in a meaningful way. I hurt for them.

Reading about someone else’s divorce is like slowing down on the highway to get a better look at the mulit-car pileup. You know you shouldn’t, but you can’t resist. Having the diary published in the Telegraph somehow makes it feel a little less guilty, so now that it’s there, have at it. Just be gentle with those poor kids.