Small things to know about a Divorce

Are you aware that divorce is a legal process that requires the divorcing couple to submit several legal documents such as their national identity cards, marriage certificate, reasons for divorce, among others, to the court? For instance, the case below involving a couple living in Ontario had several legal complications that required careful interpretation to determine a fairground for the couple's separation. The court had to determine the legality of the couple's marriage, especially that the husband by the time of marriage was living under a scannable fake id and the uncertainty of their place of marriage since it could affect the case final verdict. The couple initially met in New York in 2000, where they lived for several months before relocating to Los Angeles s for a short term job contract and finally settled in Ontario, where they lived for nine years before separation.

They had three children, and one of them had a special health condition that demanded extra care. For the last five years since their divorce in 2009, the husband had no chance to see his children, and apart from the $ 300, he had not been paying for the child support either the spousal support. However, the woman had been under the government divorcee support by the time she brought forward an application for an order demanding the man to pay for the support. Her document, however, indicated that "Adam Lakes," the man she was married to, and "Adan Luke," the man present at the court to answer the case according to the support documents, was simply the same man.

The court determined the man's legal name was "Adan Luke" and that he was living under the fake id name "Adam Lakes." The wife further testified that their relationship began in 2000 before they both got engaged in 2004. Their marriage was to happen in 1995 in Ontario, and they both agreed that they knew an American citizen from Ontario living in New York at the time they met. Both the wife and the husband agreed they socially saw this man in New York in 2003. The wife further swore that his male acquaintance was Mr. "Adam Lakes," but the husband argued that the actual name was Luke Not Lake. According to his wife, the couple obtained an identification document to enable him to work and stay in Los Angeles. Besides, the husband documents "Mr. Lake "received in Los Angeles included the following.

His EIN (Employer identification number)
His Brazilian live birth document and
A Los Angeles voter identification.

All of the above documents belonged to "Adam Éclair Lakes," although no photograph was included in any document. The husband denied using the name "Adam Luke" at any moment and that he conversed that the wife divorced Mr. "Adam Lakes. He further swore to the parties that at one point, Mr. "Adam Éclair Lakes" lost his wallet some years ago. It was his assumption about how those documents landed on the accuser. However, the wife interrupted by producing other employment records of "Adam Luke," among other correspondence.

After several interrogations, the husband said he could produce the real "Adam Luke," whom he failed to produce at last. After a thorough investigation of the husband's evidence, the court concluded that the husband's legal testimonies were false. It had to rely on the wife's version about the real man identity rather than what appeared on his fake id.

Further, the court had to determine if the couple was legally married in Ontario. Initially, the woman had accepted that she had the information about using "Adam Luke" on Ontario marriage documents was false. She even produced evidence of his Ontario marriage license, 2008 and 2007 tax returns, and a wedding band showing his marital status as "married." Besides, the husband had sigh up as a spouse while applying for their marital home mortgage forms. Another issue was whether the couple was legally married in New York or Ontario, bearing in mind that the husband had used a fake id in their marriage officials. Since the couple intended to obtain documents that could help the husband work in New York, the court held that this could limit their marriage to occur only at their workplace. The court found their marriage legal, which wasn't to be diminished by misrepresenting Adam Lake with Adam Luke, the husband's real identity. The court conclusion was that the couple was married according to Ontario's law, which led to the determination of other case issues such as settling child support issues.

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