Do It Yourself Divorce in Australia

Watch for this soon at a community center near you. The Albury Community Legal Service in Australia is running regular workshops to help people prepare their own divorce documents. Albury is a small city about midway between Melbourne and Sydney, in New South Wales.

The participants from the workshop are filing about 15 percent of the divorces in Albury County Court. Here’s the story about the program from the The Border Mail.

One thought on “Do It Yourself Divorce in Australia”

  1. This is certainly a tragic story and I am truly saddened by such an event, however, why it that all I hear about is how could the man get a AK47, or how did the man do this. Why can I not find any discussions on the injustices of the court system, and the very real bias against men. I am currently going througha divorce, and from the very beginning I have been falsley accused of any number of allegations from my wife. Yet without any proof whatsoever she is believed “in an effort to err on the safe side”. So I am treated as a criminal without even the chance to defend my self and she does not have to show any proof of the allegations. Yet because of these allegations, I am losing everything I own because I am now percieved as a criminal rather than a person who just happens to have been in a bad marriage. All I want is a divorec a couple of heirlooms and to see my kids each week. Oh yea, enough of my paycheck so that I can get of the street would be nice. I am not saying this treatment condones or excuses murder, but it certainly can drive a person to madness.

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