How To E-mail Credit Card Info

I picked this up from a nice lady who worked at the time for Microsoft, who told me she and all her colleagues believe it to be an almost totally safe method to send credit card info by e-mail. E-mail hacking programs scan e-mails looking for distinctive patterns of numbers they have learned to recognize as credit card numbers. The trick is to present a sequence of numbers that doesn’t look like one of those patterns.

Let’s say your Visa credit card number is 1234 5678 9012 3456 and that your expiration date is October, 2051. You probably know that couldn’t be the case, because all Visa numbers begin with 4 and nobody gives you a credit card term like that, but humor me. What you want to do is to send two e-mail messages. The first says “Here are the first eight digits preceded by some zeroes. 0000000000012345678. The next eight digits and the ending date will be in a separate e-mail.” Notice I omitted the term expire or expiration. You could also call it “last month of valid use” or “the last month I can use it” or “final month of use” or some other term you make up.

Then send a second message at least 30 seconds later with a different subject line saying simply “90123456.  1051.” The human being on the other end whom you intend to receive the messages can synthesize the two messages and easily reassemble your credit card information. If you need to send the security code, you can add it to the first message or send a third.

And if you just don’t trust this stuff at all, call my voicemail at 334-226-0496 and leave it there. Nobody ever listens to my voicemail except me.

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