Fathers’ Rights Group Plans Alabama Protest

Oh my. This could get interesting. A group calling itself the Alabama Coalition for Fathers and Children (ALCFC) plans to show up at Jefferson County Family Court tomorrow in biohazard suits to protest the “poisons spread to Alabama families by a terribly flawed court system.”

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  1. I know that it is poisoned! I have seen what it is doing to my family…my fiance pays child support and has to pay to see his children! That is utterly ridiculous…I believe that the laws need to be changed everywhere to give the father’s that are willing to do the chance and stop letting women use their children as a meal ticket!

  2. I believe that the laws need to be changed. Joint custody should be the first ordered. Me and my husband are about to go through financial hardships because of alabama laws, and we have two other child to care for. I believe that $500 a month is more than enough for one child, because of the amount, we cant afford to help with his activities! Would someone please let us know what we can do to get the law changed!

    keshia and brad stewart

  3. As bad as it may sound I have just went through my 2nd Divorce. It just so happened that due to circumstances beyond my control I was left to find another job without any warning. I wasn’t making a killing but was making about $40,000 a year. Just to survive I had to take a job making $8.00 hr. My child support is $1000.00 month. I really wanted to do the right thing and have tried to maintain that but my actual net is less than my total child support. Needless to say my financial problems are snowballing. To top it all off, my children live 2 hrs away and I am even unable to afford to go see them and it’s killing me. What makes matters worse is that my ex is calling and threatening me because I am a bad father that doesn’t see his children, but ends the phone calls with why was your child support short? I am desperate. I have tried to contact the state regarding a review of my child support but can’t get a return call and I can’t afford an attorney. Im drowning and still am unable to see my children. Does anyone know how I can get some help with the reduction of child support at least until my job situation improves. I am not a dead beat dad. I am a man that loves his children very much.

  4. Call child services. Yes, you will have trouble getting through, but this is what they are set up to do. And while you’re working to get the child support reduced, pay SOMETHING each month, even if it’s significantly less than the order requires. You want to demonstrate that you take your obligation of support seriously.

  5. i just want to know, why the cs system is charging
    instrest on the payments? where is the money going? my
    husband just went to court, and both of his boys are
    living in mo. has been for 8 years. we were told today,
    that even tho 1 child is 19 now, and the other is going
    to be 18, because he was behind, that every time he has
    payed the instrest goes up on the back? how can any man
    or women get caught up if they keep tacking on intrest?
    its not right!!!!!!! the law does need to be changed on
    this. why do we have to pay the state for something
    that we dont owe them? we did find out,that there are
    other states that dont charge insterest, just the
    cs payments. are we paying for the ones that dont pay?
    or are we paying for the mexcians to live here in the
    state of alabama? i just want to know where the moneys
    going.. it aint right….

  6. I have the same question that Jeanie has about interest. My husband’s wages are still being garnished even though his child is 21. The state never stopped it so neither did he. Also, there are a 4 months in the year that he has a fifth paycheck and the money is not reflected. We did ask about that and never got an answer back. My husband’s ex probably makes twice the money he does, and his child has never had to have support of the State. I could understand the interest if it went to pay for support the state had provided, but just for the hell of it to say “we’re gonna make sure you never have a life again” just sucks. Is there some way for us to fight this?

  7. I don’t know of any rationale for simply cutting off Mom’s right to interest for Dad’s failure to pay his child support on time, but he certainly is entitled to credit for all the money he has paid toward the arrearage. He should carefully compile a record of his pays stubs showing the money being taken out, and then compare it with the DHR records that fail to reflect it, and then present them in writing to DHR.

  8. I have recently sent letters to CS office and the DA’s office regarding my husbands child support payments. All I asked for was help in providing for my family, including the child that we have custody of and help in understanding how the calculations and due process works. We don’t have a clue and no one ever gives us the same answer. His ex has the other child. We cannot afford an attorney (not that I’ve seen it do much good). My husband pays through garnishments w/fees, arrears (w/interest), health insurance & the mother hasn’t worked in 2 years, recieves food stamps, medicaid & doesn’t have to provide any income. Where is it written that only the father has to have a job or go to jail. We rec’d a letter saying there is nothing that can be filed at this time and they “think” she is on Soc Sec and it doesn’t count for income. Daddy doesn’t have a problem with supporting his children, just wants to “share” responsibilities & make sure the info they have from her is correct. We’re not perfect, by any means, but if we can’t get this corrected we may have to send our child back to her mother; she’ll be better off financially…we can’t afford getting her ready for school this year. SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE US SOME ANSWERS!

  9. well..still no help. I’ve spoken to one attorney that, actually called me back and he couldn’t tell me the rules and also said his fees wouldn’t be worth it. I’ve been told we can’t change the calculation of child support even though my husband isn’t making as much as he was when we modified the case. We couldn’t get “our” case worker (what a joke; actually her case worker) to help in any way. Well, since then the child we had has gone back to live with her Mom and we have been scheduled a review of child support order so she can get more money. Funny how she can get things done. Thanks for nothing.

  10. I am a divorced father of two little girls. I went to pick my youngest daughter up from school today and was told that my name had been taken off the list and my ex-wife added her new boyfriend. I don’t understand….I pay child support and I am a good and responsible man…..she keeps pulling stuff like this…I have run out of money to go to court……can someone give me some advice….

  11. Check your decree. If the time you’re picking up your child is within the hours specified in the decree, show the decree to the school administration and insist they not interfere with your parental duties. If not, you’ll need to keep your powder dry to fight another day.

  12. the mother of my child refuses for me to have any kind of relationship with our child. all she wants is the money. i have asked for visitation for years and get nothing but ” i want more money”. can nopt afford for a lawyer. i pay child support and never get to see my child. i agree that joint should be the first unless there were orders of protection before hand.

  13. My son will turn 19 on March 15, 2009 and 100% of his health insurance,medical and dental cost is being paid by myself as stipulated in the Alabama divorce decree in effect since January 1993:

    At the time of the divorce, his mother, the custodial parent was not working, but soon thereafter became employed and has remained so to the present. All child support and medical cost since the divorce have been paid by myself and are current.

    Recent circumstances have prompted me to write and determine the correct course of action going forward:

    My son dropped out of school at 16 and has never been employed. He did receive a GRE in 2008. He has had numerous legal problems and arrests. He is currently in the Daphne City Jail serving time and fine for DUI and reckless driving. He has a court case pending in the summer for burglary.

    My questions are:

    Does my obligation remain unchanged under these circumstances?

    If so, can I have the divorce decree amended at this point to have the custodial parent pay 1/2 of the ongoing medical and insurance cost since she is and has been working?

    Thank you,
    John Griffin

  14. Unless the decree provides otherwise, neither parent is obligated to support the child after the age of 19, so the question about sharing the obligation with Mom no longer matters.

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