Florida Divorce

I haven’t yet identified a DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Florida.

You probably should start with the excellent site provided by the Florida Court System, www.flcourts.org. You’ll find there a self-help center. Among other things, it contains the forms for divorce and related actions.

If you don’t need a lawyer and just want to file a simple divorce, you can order the forms and do it yourself, or you can get DocuPro to do it for you.

You can also use Florida Divorce Online, which offers the following advantages: (1) You prepare the papers online without paying any money; (2) You decide only after the papers are prepared whether you want to pay for them; and (3) the charge is only $89.95 for all the required documents, including the marital settlement agreement. Looks like a pretty good deal to me.

Here’s a nice child support calculator from Steven A. Leitman in Neptune Beach near Jacksonville. The most comprehensive source I’ve found so far is FloridaDivorce.com. When I visited, they had this annoying window that popped up demanding to know my Florida zip code, but once I lied and gave them one (you and I both know I don’t live in Florida), I was able to use the site okay. The tone is a little gladiator-ish, but that’s probably to be expected.