Gay Marriage Ban in Alabama

Yes, Alabama is in a fiscal crisis, and our teachers are outrunning their students on the way to the exits. Yes, our prisons are so overcrowded we’re likely to face ruinous fines if we don’t take immediate action. And yes, our state has been found in a recent study to be among the two worst administered in the nation. So our legislature is in session now and we’re going to get to work, right? You bet. Let’s ban gay marriage. Oh brother. In a state where it’s already illegal. The only reason for doing this is to perpetuate hate and intolerance and to pander to (too many) ignorant voters.

Okay, stepping down off my soapbox now.

One thought on “Gay Marriage Ban in Alabama”

  1. Doing this does not perpetuate hate and intolerance. It’s the legislature doing something right for a change. I’m sorry if it hurts to hear, but marriage is a sacred union given to man and women by God. Leviticus 20:13-

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