High Divorce Rate Among Returning Soldiers

Nothing empirical for you yet, but one TV station has reported that soldiers returning from Iraq are experiencing a high rate of divorce. Here’s the report from WHAM TV-13 in Rochester, NY. The report says that 20% of married soldiers returning from Iraq divorce their spouses when they get home.

The report traces the high divorce rate to unrealistic expectations of both spouses built up over long-term separation, coupled with the difficulty re-adjusting to the change that has occurred in both spouses’ roles while they were apart. The report says that the military is so aware of the phenomenon that it is paying for romantic vacations for returning soldiers so they can become reacquainted with their spouse.

3 thoughts on “High Divorce Rate Among Returning Soldiers”

  1. Our MEN owe us for leaving for a whole year? Those ladies should be thankful that we are not communism…just for saying that about her man – she would have been shot. Our men that have left us for a year deserves the best love and we should make up all we can for the time they had left to fight for our freedom.

  2. Some of our husbands are returning from Iraq after having affairs and want a younger woman. is the army listening?

  3. Thats a load of crap mrs. After only being gone to basic and AIT for 4 months i returned home to find my girlfriend and BEST FRIEND were having sex. If I can’t rely on my girl staying faithful for 4 measly months there is no hope for a monogamous relationship if I am gone to Iraq for a year and a half.. and by the way from what I hear soldiers in Iraq never even get the chance to have affairs because for the most part they aren’t even allowed to socialize with Iraqi women.

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