How Can Lee Charge So Little for an Uncontested Divorce?

When people see my flat rates for uncontested divorce, sometimes they think they’re too low to be real. I assure you, they’re real. I have a disruptive advantage over online divorce services and most other lawyers, and I take advantage of it to keep my prices low.

What’s that advantage? My costs are ridiculously low.

  • I don’t maintain an office where clients can come and visit with me.
  • I don’t pay any staff to help me, because I can do everything I need on my computer, the phone, and the Internet.
  • I file everything electronically, so there’s no need for me to spend money and time traveling to and from the courthouse.
  • Because you can’t see me when we work together, I save money on all those suits, ties, and uncomfortable shoes. For 50 cents extra, I’ll send you a jpeg of me in a coat and tie you can print and tape to your computer screen while we’re talking.
  • And finally, here’s my real ace in the hole: my wife and I are subsistence farmers who grow a lot of our own food, so I really don’t need to make a lot of money for us to be truly happy. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, online divorce services!

Even though my prices are low, I understand they’re still significant. So I work to make the experience of using me for an uncontested divorce as helpful and as pleasant as I can. I’ve prepared documents for thousands of divorces, so I have a good idea what language you and your spouse are likely to need and what issues you’re likely to face.

I’ve prepared drafts containing multiple versions of the clauses that will be needed, so we spend a minimum of time in session on drafting. I use a service that allows you to see the documents for your divorce as I’m preparing them, so you can read “over my shoulder” while we’re working. And because I do it this way, I send the documents to you within minutes after our session. No waiting for the secretary to type it up and send it to you.

Because this page discusses my practice, I need to say this: No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.