Is the Tide Turning on Gay Marriage?

Liberals watched last year with dismay as state after state lined up (usually superfluously) to ban gay marriage. Now comes this Reuters story indicating that Americans are becoming increasingly comfortable with the concept of gay marriage.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has just affirmed a ruling prohibiting same-sex couples from traveling to Massachusetts to marry if their home state bars gay marriage, thus taking Massachusetts out of the running to become the “gay marriage capital” of America.

Now, however, the Washington state Supreme Court is considering a decision that might make that state the second U.S. state to legalize gay marriage. In all, 10 states are now considering some kind of legal challenge seeking permission for same-sex couples to marry.

The Reuters story describes a Pew Research Center poll taken in early March showing that 51% of Americans still oppose gay marriage. However, the level of opposition has dropped significantly during the last two years throughout America, even among Republicans and even among seniors. More ominously for those who oppose gay marriage, most of the opposition even today comes from older Americans. Among those age 18-49, only 26% say they strongly oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry.

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