Kenny’s and John’s Top Ten

(Things I’d Rather Do Than Have Sex with My Ex)
If you’ve read Teri’s Top Ten, you know all about the woman’s perspective. Here’s the male answer from Kenny and John:

Top Ten Things I’d Rather Do Than Have SEX with My EX

10) My own laundry. At least then my socks would match.

9) Pay her support for that dog.

8)  Lunch with the Ex-Mother-in-Law.  At least she would offer to pay once.

7)  Root Canal, with no anesthesia.  You would hear more moaning that way.

6)  Clean Litter Box. Less odor.

5)  Talk with the house plants.  They wouldn’t complain about everything you 

4)  Pay the damn penalty for pulling out the retirement fund money.

3)  Cook dinner.  Less scraps you have to give the dog.

2)  Reread the divorce decree, and smile.

And finally, the number one thing I’d rather do than have SEX with my EX….

1)  Sex in public…..with myself….same results, less hassle.

Ain’t life fun?

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