Kentucky Divorce

These are the best resources I’ve found so far for dealing with divorce in Kentucky, including child support, property division, and the other legal issues you face when you’re going through divorce in Kentucky.

I haven’t yet identified a DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Kentucky.

If you don’t need a lawyer and just want to file a simple divorce, you can order the forms and do it yourself, or you can get DocuPro to do it for you.

Here’s a page on how to control legal costs in a divorce from Williams L. Hoge, III in Louisville. Also from the same source, here’s the information you need to figure your own child support in Kentucky and an explanation of What Happens in a Divorce Action.

A local divorce lawyer can help you understand the laws in your area and how they will affect your case.  Fill out the form below to arrange a divorce case evaluation.

Here’s the site for Kentucky Child Support. You can get the information on how to contact the Child Support Assistance office near you.