Limited Legal Services

As you probably already know by now, Sue Talia is one of my heroes. Her latest book has a frustratingly long but accurately descriptive title: A Client’s Guide to Limited Legal Services: A Simple and Practical Handbook for Family Law Litigants. This is no weighty tome; actually it’s only 88 pages, but Sue delivers according to her usual superb standards.

Her prose is engaging and straightforward, as it should be. But I wouldn’t be suggesting you spend $11.00 for pleasant prose. What sets this book apart is Sue’s wisdom — her savvy and understanding of how the system works, how lawyers think, and what divorcing people need. My personal favorite is “How to Screw Up Your Case in Five Easy Lessons” (Hint: don’t argue with the judge).

Also included:

  • How to decide if you’re a good candidate for limited legal services
  • How to find the right lawyer to coach you
  • How to get good results from your attorney
  • Several good checklists to use in getting through your divorce

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