Mississippi Child Support Collections Up

The state of Mississippi is collecting more than 5% more child support than a year ago, up from $206 million to $218 million. Here’s a story about it from the Gulfport/Biloxi Sun Herald.

The state collects child support in about half the cases it takes on. In addition to taking delinquent parents to court, the state has actually begun suspending driving and personal licenses for parents who don’t pay, as well as seizing their assets. Last year Mississippi suspended just under 11,000 personal and professional licenses.

The state has 29 attorneys who work child support cases across the state and hopes to add 17 more.

2 thoughts on “Mississippi Child Support Collections Up”

  1. Sadly this has not been my experience with Ms child support enforcement. I have had a case for over a decade and have yet to collect the court ordered amount for any period over four months. I live in NC. I or my children have never lived in MS. My ex has escaped his obligation to his children by moving to MS. A court order was issued to cut child support owed in half in MS, there was nothing I could do as I said I live in NC and was working and raising our three children. He never paid the decreased amount. Years passed, then last month $50,000 was deleted from the arrears owed and he was not even paying regularly. The people that I owe money to have never forgiven me of any portion, as a matter of fact I am still repaying with interest. The arrears is still $114,000 Two of my children are out of the house they are great kids and have worked and gone to school and are college educated. My youngest is still with me and also works and goes to school. We are not looking for any “handouts”. It has not been easy as I now only make $30,000 per year, when they were growing up I made much less. I was married to this man for 11 years and all our children were born during the marriage. MS child support has all my ex’s info. He is a trucker for Atlas Van Lines and makes a very comfortable living but refuses to be responsible. Because he is self employed and his wages may not be garnished I have asked over and over for his drivers license to be suspended without any response. NC blames MS for not collecting and they are rude and no help to me. The last conversation I had with my case worker, he actually hung up on me. People for some crazy reason see us as parasites. We are not the criminals we have broken no laws. My children are productive people who have been failed by both NC & MS child support enforcement. They suffered so needlessly. I’m sure I’m not the only case such as this. Respectfully, Sharon Roberts 653 Camrose Cir. NE Concord NC 28025 704 941-4693 NC MPI #2583715 Deadbeat Dad and MS resident James Ottis Faircloth dob 07/10/55.

  2. Hi,
    Looks like you have proved that you can raise your children independently & without the financial support of your better half. You are an inspiration to both the custodial and non-custodial parents. We can learn from your experience that any prospecting parent should seek spouses with better potential and commitment. You should end your claims to those arrearages and live the rest of your life in confidence that you honored your commitment to all of your children. That is what is important. Good luck in all that you do.

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