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You may remember reading here during the summer that Alabama Chief Justice Drayton Nabers had stripped Talladega County Juvenile Court Judge Tommy Dobson of his judicial authority. Now comes the next step in this drama, as the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission has filed a complaint against Dobson with the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. Here’s an article about the charges from the Talladega Daily Home.

The complaint charges that Dobson (1) failed to maintain high standards of conduct to preserve the integrity and independence of the judiciary, and (2) failed to discharge his administrative responsibilities appropriately. The complaint springs from Dobson’s having issued a standing order that purported to confirm in advance all findings and recommendations of the referee Dobson had appointed, attorney Jack E. Swinford. The effect of this was to clothe Swinford with the authority of a judge.

The Daily Home article says that Dobson has mediated an agreement with the Judicial Inquiry Commission but that it will be up to the Court of the Judiciary whether to accept the terms of that agreement. At this point the terms are not publicly available.

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  1. Lee: My family really found out the meaning of the word “injustice” in Feb. of this year. My daughter’s case has been one of talk since the beginning – Jan. 13, 2005. But when Judge Dobson made HIS ruling in March of this year – that topped it all it all! Their custody case has dragged on and on for no apparent reason other than we won’t give up on her regaining custody of her children. I really wish we could get someone to listen to us – and especially her children. Custody cases are suppose to be in the best interest of the children – HA! That’s a joke around here, unless the father in the situation happens to be the grandson of an attorney who pulls the stings of not one, but two judges! And believe me – the strings have been pulled. It’s rediculous how this case has turned out which makes me wonder about other decisions that have been handed down in this county. We will continure to fight though, because three little kids are counting on us and I figure one day, some where, somebody is going to listen and take heed. There should be an inquiry made here (in Talladega), and I have tried – wrote to Montgomery, but of coarse nothing happened. Didn’t realize until then that for some reason, the attorney in the background in all this mess, had THAT much pull. Thanks for allowing me to vent. If you have any suggestions, we are wide open.

  2. My 2 sons child custody case heard by DObson he give the father who failed drug screens walked out of the court room my 2 sons since then i have them back hence moved to georgia had the case redone. Tommy dobson is a joke for a judge he never should be on bench again in his life. this happen 2 and half years ago

  3. I don’t know the specifics of Jenn’s case and wouldn’t presume to evaluate it. I will offer tho observation that child custody rulings are ALWAYS controversial. After nearly every case in which a judge has had to choose between two parents to decide where a child should live, one of the parties thinks the judge made the wrong decision and often believes the judge is incompetent or corrupt. It’s an awful job to decide custody cases; I surely wouldn’t want to do it.

  4. My husband has custody of one of his two children and the mother has the other. They went to Judge Dobsons courtroom to get the legal “stamp of approval”…which was granted. His child support went up and they didn’t care that she is unemployed. Where is it written that only the father has to have a job to support his children. She hasn’t worked in over a year and has only had jobs on occasion when she is between “boyfriends”. She still gets food stamps. Not to mention, they wanted to know what my income was and not her husbands. They said his didn’t count because they were not his children. Somebody please tell me how I am suppose to help
    my husband when we can’t get any info on what to do other than hire an attorney. First, we can’t afford one; second, I haven’t seen it make much difference.

  5. My ex husband was or is a client of Mr. Lee’s, he used Mr. Lee due to the low cost and quick divorce. For the ones that depend on child support, you can not count on anyone but yourself, not Talladega. I have tried repeatedly to have the affidavit for withholding placed on ex husband, no luck, no support. Thousands of dollars in rears and jobless. How is one to get help when the other parent has no responsiblity towards their children.

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