More Info on Supervised Visitation Center in Alabama

As I promised you last week, I have learned more information now about the Montgomery Supervised Visitation Center for Children. The Center provides services both during business hours and outside business hours. It provides the capability to videotape in four separate rooms to allow interaction without a physical monitor in the room.

The Center will monitor the interaction between parent and child. Under normal circumstances, the parent and child will be able to conduct whatever activities they desire (reading, playing games, talking, etc.). However, if instructed to do so by the court, the Center will terminate the visitation if the guidelines are being violated.

The Center is operated by Laurie L. Mattson, who also uses the name Laurie Mattson Shoemaker. The Center shows its address as 8200 Old Federal Road, Montgomery, AL 36117, and it lists its phone number is 334-273-0177.

The charge for using the center varies depending on when the use occurs. During office hours, the charge is $50 per hour. Outside office hours, it’s $70 per hour. On holidays (not clear from the brochure which holidays), it’s $87.50 per hour. The Center doesn’t have any fixed requirement about which parent pays or whether the parents split the cost in some way.