More on Child Support Shootings

Here’s a nice follow-up article from the Tyler Morning Telegraph about the tragic shooting on Thursday of a mother and her son over child support.

The report by staff writer Megan Middleton makes it clear without saying so that the shooter was abusing his ex-wife over an extended period of time. Then the report includes what for me is the most haunting statement, this from the mother’s long-time lawyer. I wish I could share this statement with every person whose spouse or lover is abusing them:

“I don’t think she ever feared for her life or ever thought him capable of doing anything like this,” [the divorce lawyer] said. “It seemed like he had a problem with emotion and a problem with becoming overly emotional when intoxicated. I think most of the altercations came up late in the day or late in the evening, and alcohol was involved.”

And the other question I’ll keep wondering about, even though nobody in Texas seems to be, is what’s wrong with a system that allows a man with a history of domestic violence to get his hands on an AK-47 and a flak jacket? I don’t know why, but questions like that just rattle around in my head.

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