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e-mail address:
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Designated Area: _______________________________________________
Date of Agreement: _______________________________________________

This is an Agreement between the Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer and Lee Borden (Lee).

Listing Price

There isn’t one. This isn’t about money.


This Agreement will continue until terminated at will by either party for any reason, or for no reason at all, on notice to the other party.

The Designation

The Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer will have the sole designation as the Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer for the Designated Area. This will not restrict the right or ability of Lee or Divorceinfo.comto include on the site links to or complimentary statements about other lawyers or other professionals who may compete with the Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer, nor will it restrict in any way the right or ability of theDivorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer to market his or her services and practice on the World Wide Web or in any other manner.

The Submissions

FAQ’s. The Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer will draft and submit to Lee comprehensive legal summaries for divorce legal principles (FAQ’s) in the Designated Area. Lee will edit it in his discretion (subject to the Divorceinfo.comNetwork Lawyer’s countercheck for accuracy) and post it on the Divorceinfo.com web site. Lee will retain absolute editorial control in his discretion over all content on the Divorceinfo.com web site. The FAQ’s will be amended as necessary in Lee’s discretion from time to time, again subject to the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer’s countercheck for accuracy.

Base FAQ Information. Unless otherwise agreed, the FAQ’s will address at a minimum the questions listed on the Generic FAQ List on this web site. The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer may include other FAQ’s as appropriate to deal with the peculiarities of the Designated Area. Lee encourages the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer to answer the FAQ’s in as practical and straightforward a manner as possible, using a minimum of CYA, “consult your local attorney” statements, and legal jargon.

The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will include and Lee will post to the site other material appropriate to help users of Divorceinfo.com understand the challenges and opportunities presented by divorce in the Designated Area, subject to Lee’s approval in his discretion.

The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will provide and Lee will post to the web site up to five pages about the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer’s practice and professional background, including without limitation links to any web site the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer may maintain. The content of any pages on the DivorceInfo web site is subject to Lee’s approval in his discretion.

Lee requires that Submissions not speak in the first person (e.g., “I think it works this way”). This is to reduce the likelihood that users will be confused and will think that Lee is providing the information rather than the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer.

The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will own the copyright to all material submitted. Lee will have a non-exclusive license to use the material on the Divorceinfo.com web site and to provide it to users, so long as all materials provided bear the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer’s copyright notice.

Availability for Questions

The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will maintain a working e-mail address and check it or have it checked at least every three days. The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will be available from time to time to answer simple questions from Lee and other Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyers about divorce in the Designated Area, presented by e-mail. This is intended to be the kind of information the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer can provide without research or inquiry, that he or she knows from his or her own knowledge, and that he or she can provide without disruption of the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer’s existing practice. In return, the Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer will have corresponding access to the other Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyers for the answering of such simple questions from time to time.


The Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer hereby certifies to Lee that he or she is in the full-time practice of law and that more than 75% of his or her revenue comes from domestic relations work. Lee may in his discretion, and on a case-by-case basis, make exceptions to this requirement when the Designated Area is sparsely populated or has a limited number of lawyers.

Procedure on Termination

On termination of this Agreement for any reason, Lee will remove the Submissions from Divorceinfo.com, but in any event within seven calendar days of the receipt of termination notice.

Addresses for Notices

The Divorceinfo.com Lawyer’s address and phone number are as stated above or as the Divorceinfo.com Lawyer has revised them by notice to Lee from time to time. Lee’s address and phone number are as follows: Lee Borden, PO Box 780446, Tallassee, AL 36078 (334) 226-0496.

THE PARTIES HAVE EXECUTED THIS AGREEMENT to be effective on the date shown above.

Divorceinfo.com Network Lawyer
Lee Borden

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