No Visitation with a Dog

It’s fairly well-known how divorce courts approach the painful issues about where children should live. Pets are a different issue. Vastly different.

Read about visitation with pets after divorce

4 thoughts on “No Visitation with a Dog”

  1. Actually goes back before Blackstone, when a pet was not only property, but larceny of your
    pet or its destruction would get you no value even in a property suit. Here in Florida
    the Court’s have clearly stated that, as a matter of public policy, they have enough
    trouble determining custody and visitation with children, they won’t even consider
    extending it to pets.

  2. This a battle for Animal Humane Association
    I bet all the pet lovers are jumping up and down on this issue.

  3. In my divorce practice in Virginia, I have seen parties agree to pet visitation in separation agreements. However, in a contested case the courts would handle this as a personal property issue– I can’t imagine a Judge here granting pet visitation.

  4. me we have a 8 year old jack russelly husband left me 2 yrs ago after 36 years and what is insane is he loveddddddddd this little dog, he took him everywhere, played, baby talked, played games etc etc, now he will not have anything to do with him, when i ask what in the world are you doing to Skip, he said he is just a dog and just wants treats, i have cried myself too death it is so sad, when he comes over skip just runs up to him, wanting attention and wines and he will nor even acknodledge him what would cause him to do this, his “new wife” does not care for animals but he loved this little dog so much it breaks my heart. can you or anyone help me with this and why he want have anything to do with this precious member of our family. thank you so much.. Ms Fowler

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