Things I Can Do After Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Thanks to Lindsey for sending this to me one Saturday night, a description of all the things she can do now that she has left her abusive relationship:

  • I can stamp on my Concrete floor as much as I want to!
  • I can go shopping after work!
  • I can buy those new open toes lacy shoes without being accused of something.
  • I can go home “sick” from work just because I was stressed out and needed a break and not be thrown against the wall for coming home too “soon.”
  • I can eat Campbell’s soup instead of Progresso.
  • I can have lunch with my coworkers and not have to lie about buying a sandwich in the vending machine.
  • I can snack on those potato chips while watching a movie without having to be reminded about my weight.
  • I can mow my lawn criss-cross, backwards or in any direction I choose.
  • I can start the lawn mower myself without being an idiot even if it takes ten pulls.
  • I have caller ID.
  • I can have friends now.
  • I can wear make up and 2-inch heels.
  • If I don’t want to dishes before I go to bed – I don’t have to.
  • I can wear a black dress to work.
  • I can like me for who I am and be proud that of the things I do even it doesn’t matter to anyone else!