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This is about filing your own divorce in New York, including how hard it is to file your own divorce in New York, what divorce papers need to be filed, and what the filing fees are for divorce in New York.n

This information is from Steven Abel, the DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for New York. Click here for information on him.

How hard is it to file my own divorce?

Quite difficult, although just how difficult depends on a number of factors, including the individual (whether you want to do it yourself), the complexity of the divorce, and whether it is an amicable or adversarial situation.

What are the papers that need to be filed?

The first step is to prepare and file the following papers: 1 – A Summons for Divorce (This starts the process) 2 – An index number application 3 – The Separation Agreement, (if any), and 4 – Pay the Court Fees.

The second step, after you have a filing date and index number, is to prepare and file the rest of the papers: 5 – Verified Complaint (this may be filed with the Summons) 6 – Affidavit of Service 7 – Affidavit of Investigator 8 – Military Service Affidavit 9 – Defendant’s affidavit (instead of 6, 7, and 8) 10- Plaintiff’s affidavit 11- Sworn Statement of Barriers to Remarriage 12- Affidavit of regularity 13- Divorce and Child Support Summary form 14- Health Department Certificate of Dissolution 15- Return postcard or large Self-addressed Stamped Envelope 16- Note of Issue 17- Request for Judicial Intervention. 18- Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law. 19- Divorce Judgment.

Note: Most of these are in forms published by Julius Blumberg, Inc.

What’s the filing fee for a divorce?

As of March 1999, the filing fees were as follows:

* $170.00 for an Index Number * $ 75.00 for a Request for Judicial Intervention * $ 25.00 for a Note of Issue * $ 5.00 for the Health Dept. Certificate of Dissolution.

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