Ohio Divorce FAQs – Child Support

This is about child support in Ohio after divorce, including how child support gets figured, how parents can change child support, when the court orders for child support to be withheld from paychecks, and when the court will deviate from child support guidelines in Ohio.

This information is from Thomas J. McGuire, theDivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Ohio. Click here to visit his web site.

How does child support get figured?

Child support is calculated by the Ohio Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. See Ohio Revised Code §3119.02.

How do you change child support?

Child support may be modified by filing a motion with the court, or it may be modified by the Child Support Enforcement Agency every three years, or if there is a 30% change in income of either party over a six month period.

Does child support get deducted from the payor’s paycheck? How?

Child support is deducted from the payor’s paycheck by way of a withholding order issued by the court and the Child Support Enforcement Agency.

When will the court allow a deviation from the guidelines?

The court will allow a deviation from guideline support for a number of reasons, including extended parenting time – there must be additional overnight visitation with the payor in an amount greater than the standard order, or the payor agrees that he/she will contribute more than deviated amount to the care and maintenance of the child by purchasing clothes, necessities, or school tuition.

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