Other Divorce Sites

Here are the sites I have found that seem most helpful to people who are going through divorce:

General Interest Divorce Sites

  • Family Law Advisor  Probably the only divorce site on the Internet that has more information on it than Divorceinfo.com. Professionally maintained. Slick.
  • Divorce Support – This is the successor to the Divorce Page, which was created as a labor of love by an egg sales executive, Dean Hughson. Some of the quaint charm from Dean is gone now, but the information is still good.
  • Divorce Online – The strength of this page is its articles. There’s a nice reading list by Vicki Lansky, the author ofDivorce Book for Parents. There’s a bulletin board that gets pretty good usage.
  • Divorce Central – Good links, well-supported chat rooms, and a good assortment of resources. There’s a decent listing of FAQ’s about divorce.
  • Divorce Wizards – Good collection of articles and products.

Single Issue Sites

  • Equality in Marriage – As the name implies, this site focuses on encouraging equality between husbands and wives in courtship, marriage, and divorce.
  • Military Divorce Online – Focusing on the unique issues presented when one of you serves (or has served) in the military.

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