Pennsylvania Reducing Child Support

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has adopted new child support guidelines that will reduce child support dramatically for some single parents. The new guidelines take effect January 27. Here’s a story about it from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The effect of the change will be most pronounced for parents in the upper income bracket, but it will also be evident even among lower income parents. The Supreme Court also extended the range of incomes covered by the guidelines up to $20,000 per month.

The Supreme Court rejected a formula that would have altered the amount of support based on the time each parent spends with the children. That proposal was opposed by many bar associations in Pennsylvania, who argued it would inject much more complexity in the negotiation and litigation of child support.

One thought on “Pennsylvania Reducing Child Support”

  1. What effect does this have on those of us who have ageements
    regarding support which were made after a divorce? Like many
    people, my ex-husband and I made an agreement regarding child
    support and that agreement was read into the record as a court
    order? My agreement said that my ex would not receive any
    adjustment in his support based on the amount of custody he
    has. It would only be based upon incomes. No specific
    amount was mentioned. Just that he would not be entitled to
    an offset based upon his time with the kids. How will this
    kind of agreement be handled? Lots of people have child
    support agreements

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