Can I Stop the Divorce?

First, a short (and brutal) answer to the question. The answer is No. In almost every state, you cannot stop a divorce by yourself if your spouse is determined to get one. You can slow down the divorce. You can make it hurt more. You can make it cost more. But the nature of no-fault divorce in most states is that a spouse who’s absolutely determined to divorce can make it happen even over his or her spouse’s objections.

So what choices do you have? You have the informal power of persuasion. And precisely because you can slow down the divorce, you can make it more painful, and you can make it more expensive, you may have more options than you realize.

Divorce has all kinds of disadvantages, so it’s not to be entered into lightly. The key is that you do have alternatives to divorce, alternatives that in many cases may respond to your real needs better than a divorce would.