Supervised Visitation in Montgomery

There are extreme cases in which one of the parents is accused of misconduct so egregious, so frightening, that the court is reluctant to allow that parent to be alone with the children. Does that mean no visitation? Often it does, but supervised visitation is an option. In supervised visitation, someone the court trusts agrees to be present whenever the suspected parent and the children are together, to make sure the children are safe.

As courts know all too well, however, supervised visitation is often tantamount to no visitation at all. It’s often difficult for the court to identify the right person who (1) will exert enough discipline to protect the children, (2) be available whenever the parent and the children are together, and (3) won’t cast a “pall” over the time the parent and the children spend together.

In Montgomery, parents who need supervised visitation have an option now, in the form of the Montgomery Supervised Visitation Center for Children. The Center is operated by Laurie Mattson-Shoemaker, LPC. There’s a cost involved, and the court typically can assess the cost to either or both parents at the time it orders supervisied visitation. I’ve requested some information about the Center and how it works, and I’ll pass it along to you when I get it.

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